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Clutter won't go away on its own

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End-of-year organizing tips


Nok Box: one-box solution with key information!

Donna helped me tackle the piles of papers I had not and did not know how to organize and file.  She explained what needed to be kept and what I could toss.  This enabled me to breathe more deeply and have confidence I could keep things under control.  And I knew that if I couldn't, I could call for more help!

Tolly G.

Donna has been a God-send!  She was recommended to me by a friend and when she started with me, I had piles of paperwork all over my dining room table and in high piles in the den.  Aside from tackling these piles, and setting up a system I continue to use, she was a dear friend to me and helped me with all sorts of other non-paperwork organizing tasks.

Carolyn W.

TESTIMONIALS: Don’t Take My Word for It
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